Montag, 15. September 2008

WORD !!!

"I think it's a case of either knowing too much or being too involved, one or the other,or quite possibly both.Bike riding has been the central focus of over half of my life and i now wonder if it was the right path to take.I can't deny the benefits i've enjoyed over the years all brought about by a love of riding a 20" bicycle,and it's without hesitation that i describe it as a love,although it's not a description i band about lightly,but loving something doesn't always ensure that it'll make you feel good.It started off as innocent fun but now i find myself having to deal with an endless stream of ego inflated idiots.I guess i must have been absent from school the day they taught everyone to look after number one and fuck anyone else who gets in the way,a lesson many seem to have learned well.So maybe it's time to regress,take two steps backwards in order to take another step forward,in another direction.Giving up isn't an option right now but it could be the only option if things continue the way they are.Maybe it's time to run away from the circus and leave it to the clowns." 
-from Dig Magazine#6 1997

                                     Joe Rich @ POSH Trails
                                     Pic by Ed Docherty

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Anonym hat gesagt…

In regards to the Dig post, that's what I'm doing, I'm pulling back.
I don't wanna talk about this anymore. I put my opinion out there and I'm threw. I don't want anything to do with 20" and I don't want to help with the skatepark anymore, building wise.
I've helped enough and been neglected. I'll ride it, but don't come asking me for a hand, I've done that enough. Asking to be called, cause help was needed and it never came.

It's over, so take it at face value. If you really absolutely want to keep his going, feel free to call me (0177 47 08 47 1), don't sit there like a bunch of Oma's and talk behind peoples back. (you all know who you are)