Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009

Madl is mim Radl da

sowas wie "team feigling-riding bikes like a pussy" oder "proud to be a pussy" geht jetzt auch nicht mehr. schwerer sozialer und sportlicher abstieg. wir sind letztendlich doch in der bmx-kreisliga angekommen(sind wir überhaupt je aufgestiegen?).unter uns gibt es jedenfalls nix mehr,dafür sind wir in der kreisliga die meister der herzen und das schon seit jahren!
schaut selbst um was es eigentlich geht(auf krt schmidt's blog entdeckt) :

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Anonym hat gesagt…

For all we know, it's a dude in girl pants. You can't tell these days.

Thanks for going street riding and not saying anything!

Darmstadt Cliques, Keep It Real, Keep It To Yourself!! ;)

Hugster hat gesagt…

well,it's not my fault that you can't get along with marcus would it be a good idea if you go street riding with him? guess not.

thanks for going street riding with timo on saturday and not calling :)

it surely looks like a dude in girl pants,but it's a girl in girl pants(maybe she stole the pants from her boyfriend).sad but, not sad just true.

don't worry,tf is keepin' it real.irgendwie irgendwo irgendwann.we promise!!! (or at least i promise)

scheisse man,dass wäre jetzt eigentlich schon ein ganzer post gewesen.was ne verschwendung hier bei den kommentaren.mir ist auch gerade ein neuer spruch eingefallen: "Team Feigling-Yes We Can't".
mach was draus alexander.
übrigens mr."you know" :),danke für's regelmäßige kommentieren.ohne kommentare is auch langweilig.du hast hier schon mehr geschrieben als die meisten teammitglieder(vielleicht gibt es hier doch noch irgendwann was für dich zu gewinnen).thx buddy :)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Fuck you. It's not my fault Marcus is a back stabbing two face son of a bitch!

I can go street riding and not talk to him. But I guess it's Team Feigling Feat. Team Marcus 20".

Oh wow, one time. One time I didn't call you, most of the time I call, you either don't want to go or you want to go riding at like 3 in the afternoon. Why should I call anyways? Seems like you have enough other people to ride with.

This sounds like high school, haha.


Hugster hat gesagt…

was du laberst !

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ah, go ride with them. The second Alexander or someone comes around, whoops, invisible Mark.

Oh and it's not my fault that Marcus has a problem where I buy my bikes.

It's just a shame that we use to hang out all the time and all, but now...

And so what if Marcus was there, I can ride where ever the fuck I want. You don't think I can ride and he can be there? What, you think we are going to get into a fist fight in the middle of the street? I can ride and ignore him. When he rides at the skatepark, do I leave? I dislike Marcus for the way he acts. How he talks behind peoples backs, how he misuses the people here, doesn't take them serious because he knows their first name. That's why.

I distanced myself from the shop and him because that's how I feel. So you hold it against me? You're going to hold it against me, because I think he's two-faced.

It's bullshit, thanks for the support, great friend you're suppose to be...

Hugster hat gesagt…

that's all crap !!! let's have a talk next time.

Anonym hat gesagt…