Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Nothing to do but bike ridin'

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tired as hell hat gesagt…

Ya Doggy!

I hope ALEXander is happy with the halfcab down all those stairs ;)

late night movie goer hat gesagt…

Oh, btw.
Could you make a remix?

Like with the song "Mama Tried" and with the bails and crashes and not me hugging an SOS phone, but just the ghost ride, etc?

I mean, the original is cool,.. but you remixed the other vid we did, .. just for shits and grins..

Werd, if you want and if you got the time!

Hugster hat gesagt…

ich wollte eigentlich für mein nächstes video ein band of horses-lied nehmen,damn.

moi hat gesagt…

I wanted country music ... :/